Silver Jewellery

Personalised Fine Silver Jewellery Collection Featuring A Fingerprint, Hand, Foot, Art And Message With Necklaces Or Bracelets

Our personalised fine silver Jewellery is as unique as you!  Our fingerprint jewellery & hand and foot jewellery pieces use your actual prints to create charms, pendants, dot tags, cuff links and more - no two pieces made are the same.  We can also use your child's drawings to create one of kind jewellery peices - a very special way to show case your very own child's art work.  

Our message tags, charms and pendants provide a great way to add a personalised message to accompany any of our jewllery, or simply wear with pride on it's own.

Buying online is easy…  if you order before 3pm your kit to capture your prints will be dispatched to you the same day.  As soon as your return your prints we'll get straight to work.  We can start on your art and message drawing as soon as your order is completed.

Please browse our pages... if you have any questions, please contact us - we'd love to hear your ideas...

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Fingerprint Charm

Each handcrafted Fingerprint Charm is engraved to give that really personal touch and creates a pi..


Hand Or Foot Charm

Each handcrafted Hand or Foot Print Charm is engraved to give that really personal touch and creat..


Message Charm

Our fine message charms provide a great way to say “I love you” in fine silver – a message which c..


Artwork Charm

Our artwork charms provide a great way to show off your child’s first pictures - kept forever in fi..


Fingerprint Pendant

Our silver fingerprint pendants provide a great gift for anyone in the family featuring the fingerpr..


Hand and Foot Pendant

Our hand and foot print pendant is engraved with mini prints of your child's hand and/or foot prints..


Message Pendant

Our fine silver message pendants provide a great way to say “I love you” in fine silver – a messag..


Artwork Pendant

If you have a special drawing that you cherish, makes you laugh or is sentimental - we can miniaturi..


Silver Message Ring

A few simple words can say so much... we can put your own words onto our 99.9% fine silver jewellery..


Message Name Tag

A simple word can be so meaningful... a special place, emotion or date, or simply just a name.Inscri..


Fingerprint Dog Tag

Our handcrafted fingerprint dog tags are especially popular for Dad's, but they also make cools gift..


Hand and Foot Dog Tag

Our handcrafted hand and foot print dog tags feature miniature prints of your own baby/child's hand ..