About Us

Hi, my name is Sarah, owner, manager and creative designer (among many other roles) of Eternal Impressions based near Bournemouth/Wimborne, Dorset. I began Eternal Impressions in 2003 a few years after the birth of my son Alex, following a 12 year career as a bank manager.  

I have always had a passion for art and spent most of my school years in the art room, which allowed me to take Art A'level 2 years early and I passed! However I went and got a 'proper' job  and it wasn't until I was a Mum  my path changed.

As Mum's do we all want a permanent reminder of  how small our babies hands and feet are so way back then I booked a hand and foot casting at John Lewis department store. Whilst I was pleased with the pottery imprints, I did think - maybe I could have done better than that so a few months later I purchased my first kiln and soon had my first customers.  My first products were porcelain 'impressions' of hands and feet, and as self taught learn't quickly to develop my 3D 'expression' range both of which are still popular today.  I gained some regular customers and was soon asked to work in local baby stores within a 100 miles radius of the south coast casting lots and lots of babies hands and feet.  I still work in some of these stores all these years later!

In 2006 I started evolving Eternal Impressions product ranges adding ceramic mugs, plaques and clocks,  mostly as additional gifts to the castings I offered.  In 2008, after the birth of my daughter, Emilee, I started my fine silver jewellery range featuring fingerprints, hand and footprints and messages and taking on the small team that I still have working with me today.

Whilst the jewellery range has been extremely popular for many years,  I have gradually added further items to Eternal Impressions product range, primarily featuring children's hands and feet and fingerprints. This has included our glass and crystal gifts as well as our exquisite fabric hand and foot gifts.

With the help of my team, we are continually looking to expand our product range which predominantly uses our inkless print kits.  From a single set of prints we can create gifts, offering our whole range of online gifts be it now or sometime in the future!

This year (2016), I am proud to introduce our engraved wood and pebble ranges. We are particularly excited with the positive feedback of our beautiful handmade children's stools that feature their 'life size' prints with your choice of words.

We really love what we do and feel privileged to delight our loyal customers and welcome new customers in person and online. I've now been joined by my husband on a full time basis as we look to take Eternal Impressions on to the 'next level' and hope to be writing the next chapter of Eternal Impressions very soon!

I, and the Eternal Impressions team, take great pride in creating, not just personalised gifts, but truly unique gifts for each of our customers.  As our gifts feature your hands, feet, fingerprints and artwork, we can genuinely say that we never create the same gift for anyone else other than our own individual customers - that's why we can say we create 'Unique Family Gifts'.

This is my story so far...If you have any feedback, comments or questions, please contact us - I am always open for a chat!



(with my family 2016)                                                                  (handprints in Hollywood!)